Managing Conflict with Peers (Spanish for Spain)

Book description

A significant number of peer conflicts arise as a result of the existence of contradictory objectives or divergent opinions about the ideal way to carry out a task. Usually, such conflicts can be resolved through sincere dialogue. However, there are other peer conflicts that present a greater problem because they imply personal values, company policies and power relations, and emotional reactions. The mere fact of looking at these issues does not guarantee the eradication of conflicts between partners within the company, but it does allow managers to build effective relationships capable of resisting these inevitable conflicts, while at the same time reinforcing their capacity to achieve the objectives of the organization.

Product information

  • Title: Managing Conflict with Peers (Spanish for Spain)
  • Author(s): Talula Cartwright
  • Release date: October 2014
  • Publisher(s): Center for Creative Leadership
  • ISBN: 9781604918335