Our look is the result of reader comments, our own experimentation, and feedback from distribution channels. Distinctive covers complement our distinctive approach to technical topics, breathing personality and life into potentially dry subjects.

The animal on the cover of Managing IMAP is a bushbuck (Tragelaphus scriptus), also known as a guib. Bushbucks are the smallest of the African spiral-horned antelopes, weighing between 50 and 180 pounds and measuring about 3 feet at the shoulder. Males have straight horns, which are usually 13 to 22 inches long. Bushbucks vary in color from reddish brown to almost black with white spots or stripes. The most brightly striped groups are the Senegal bushbuck and the Cameroon bushbuck, which have white vertical and horizontal stripes. Because of their vibrant markings, bushbucks are also called “harnessed antelopes.”

Bushbucks live in the forests and brush of sub-Saharan Africa, usually near a plentiful source of water. Excellent swimmers, they have also populated islands, such as those in Lake Victoria. Bushbucks are solitary animals but are not territorial, so their ranges may overlap peacefully. They are elusive and shy; however, they often inhabit outskirts of towns and have been known to leap over 6-foot fences.

Bushbucks will eat leaves, buds, shoots, fruits, herbs, and grasses. Their calls are similar to the barks of a baboon or to a series of grunts.

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