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Managing Knock Your Socks Off Service, 3rd Edition

Book Description

In our increasingly connected world, customer service can make or break a business. Companies that excel keep customers coming back—and those who don’t soon discover that word spreads fast. The difference is in how managers train, coach, and support frontline employees. Extensively revised with today’s empowered, web-savvy consumer in mind, Managing Knock Your Socks Off Service shows managers and supervisors how to: • Find and retain service-oriented people • Understand customer needs, expectations and desires • Build a service vision • Design a user-friendly service delivery process • Involve and inspire employees • Recognize and reward good performance. The third edition features new chapters on: learning from lost customers; inciting passion and incentivizing service; fostering trust; and delivering great customer experiences online. In short, everything readers need to ensure their frontline employees become their company’s biggest asset.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Preface
  6. Thanks
  7. Imperative 1: Find and Retain Quality People
    1. 1 Recruit Creatively and Hire Carefully
    2. 2 Keeping Your Best and Brightest
  8. Imperative 2: Know Your Customers Intimately
    1. 3 Why Customer Satisfaction Isn’t Enough
    2. 4 Listening Is a Contact Sport
    3. 5 A Complaining Customer Is Your Best Friend
    4. 6 Little Things Mean a Lot
    5. 7 Learning from Lost Customers
  9. Imperative 3: Build a Service Vision
    1. 8 The Power of a Service Strategy
    2. 9 Getting Your Vision Down on Paper
    3. 10 Service Standards Build Consistency
  10. Imperative 4: Make Your Service Delivery Processes ETDBW (Easy to Do Business With)
    1. 11 Effort: The Achilles’ Heel of Customer Experience
    2. 12 Making Service Delivery Processes “Happy”
    3. 13 Measure and Manage from the Customer’s Point of View
    4. 14 Serving Online: When Clicks Replace Bricks
    5. 15 Add Magic: Creating the Unpredictable and Unique
    6. 16 Make Recovery a Point of Pride
  11. Imperative 5: Train and Coach
    1. 17 Start on Day One (When Their Hearts and Minds Are Malleable)
    2. 18 Training Creates Competence, Confidence, and Commitment to Customers
    3. 19 Thinking and Acting Like a Coach
  12. Imperative 6: Involve, Empower, and Inspire
    1. 20 Fostering Responsible Freedom
    2. 21 Removing the Barriers to Empowerment
    3. 22 Inspiring Passion for the Customer
  13. Imperative 7: Recognize, Reward, Incent, and Celebrate
    1. 23 Recognition and Reward: Fueling the Fires of Service Success
    2. 24 Feedback: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner of Champions
    3. 25 The Art of Interpersonal Feedback
    4. 26 Incenting Great Service
    5. 27 Celebrate Success
  14. Imperative 8: Set the Tone and Lead the Way
    1. 28 Great Service Leaders Foster Trust
    2. 29 Great Service Leadership in Action
  15. Endnotes
  16. Index
  17. About the Authors