Chapter 12

Adapting Your Management Style to Different Millennial Personas


check Truly understanding the needs of needy Millennials

check Forgetting everything you thought you knew about hipsters

check Helping atypical Millennials come out of hiding

check Working with those who don’t see themselves as Millennials

check Toning down the intensity of Millennial workplace martyrs

You won’t be shocked when we tell you that Millennials aren’t 100 percent homogenous. No generation is! Though Millennials share many traits, values, and preferences, there are obviously differences, big and small, within their cohort.

Imagine this: You’re running a focus group made up of Millennials. Ten of them are gathered to talk about what they like to eat on vacation, and much to your surprise, they couldn’t be more different from one other. After an hour, you’ve discovered that not only do they have different food preferences (my gosh, they don’t all like kale, sushi, and craft beer?), but they also prefer different ...

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