Chapter 17

Forecasting the Great Unknown


check Utilizing past generations to inform future generations

check Analyzing the influence of tech innovations and economic waves

check Redefining what’s cool for who’s next

check Keeping it real about what we know we don’t know

We regularly encounter leaders and managers asking us to look into our generational crystal ball and make predictions about the future. They have an insatiable curiosity about what happens next, what the future of the workplace looks like, and who the generation after Millennials — and then after Gen Edgers — will be. It’s not surprising. These people are the forward thinkers. They’re doing their best to anticipate trends and stay ahead of the game. They want to preemptively prepare as much as possible for whatever’s on the horizon so that when those cultural workplace shifts take place, they’ll be ready to face them head-on.

This topic begs the question: Can one use generational knowledge to examine past cycles and predict what may happen in the future? As you can imagine, the answer is all kinds of complicated. In our humble ...

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