will resign or have to be removed from staff if your site is around long
enough. These instances can end on a very good note, can end in hatred,
or can end somewhere in between. Let’s run over the four most common
Inactive Staff Members
If you have a staff member who goes inactive for a while, you should contact
the person, casually ask him how he is doing, and ask him if and when he
plans to return to the community. Don’t make it sound like some sort of
ultimatum or threat. Emphasize more of an honest, personal sentiment. Here
is an example of a bad message.
Hey Randy,
I haven’t seen you on the site at all lately. You really need to get there every day
or I am going to take you off the staff.
And here is an example of a good message.
Hey Derek,
I haven’t seen you on the site at all in recent months, and I wanted to make sure
that you were OK and just see how things were going for you. I was curious as to
when we could expect you back, as well. Looking forward to it.
Talk to you soon.
If you thought enough of this person to bring him on board, you should
have genuine concern if the person disappears without contact. If he responds
to you with an explanation and an acceptable approximation of his return,

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