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Managing OS/400 with Operations Navigator V5R1 Volume I: Overview and More

Book Description

OS/400 Operations Navigator is the graphical interface to manage your IBM eServer iSeries runtime environment. V5R1 Operations Navigator contains major function and interface enhancements over previous releases. This IBM Redbook presents an overview of all V5R1 Operations Navigator functions. It is the first volume in the "Managing OS/400 with Operations Navigator V5R1" series.

The key enhancements include a new Work Management component; new job, message, and B2B activity monitors; and new graph history for viewing performance data. It also includes new and updated interfaces to networking capabilities like Quality of Service, Virtual Private Network, TCP/IP configuration and connection verification utilities. And it includes new and improved multiple system management of system values and user and group profiles. V5R1 Operations Navigator has also improved Windows operating systems administration and the online help.

This volume focuses on installation and function navigation, and provides an overview of all V5R1 Operations Navigator functions. It also provides details on specific Operations Navigator components, most of which are essential to understanding the functions described in the other volumes of this redbook volume set.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Preface
  3. Operations Navigator synopsis
    1. Scope of this redbook
    2. Introducing V5R1 Operations Navigator
    3. Operations Navigator major components and redbooks
  4. Operations Navigator introduction
    1. Operation Navigator overview
    2. Primary functional components
    3. Cross-component functions
  5. Installation and general navigation
    1. Operations Navigator requirements and installation
    2. Installation introduction
    3. Installation example: Tailored installation image
    4. General navigation
    5. GUI Command Prompter
  6. Basic Operations
    1. Basic Operations overview
    2. Messages
    3. Printer Output functions
    4. Printers
    5. Jobs
    6. Basic Operations hints and tips
  7. Work Management
    1. Introduction
    2. Active Jobs folder
    3. Server Jobs folder
    4. Job queues
    5. Subsystems
    6. Memory pools
    7. Operations Navigator Work Management tips
  8. Management Central and Monitors
    1. Other volumes in this Operations Navigator redbook set
    2. Other Management Central interfaces
    3. Management Central overview
    4. Management Central V5R1 function and setup summary
    5. Management Central setup
    6. Management Central navigation
    7. Task management
    8. Inventory management
    9. Monitors
    10. Collection Services overview
    11. Definitions
    12. Management Central examples
  9. TCP/IP network
    1. Network overview
    2. TCP/IP Configuration folder
    3. Servers
    4. TCP/IP Configuration utilities
    5. TCP/IP servers: examples
    6. Additional information
  10. File Systems component
    1. General File System operations
    2. File Shares subcomponent
    3. File system hints and tips
  11. Backup component
    1. Backup
    2. Backup policies
  12. Advanced Function Printing (AFP) Manager
    1. AFP overview
    2. AFP resources
    3. Print Services Facility (PSF) configurations
    4. Font mapping tables
  13. Plug-in support
    1. Introduction
    2. BRMS plug-in
    3. Advanced Job Scheduler plug-in
    4. OnDemand plug-in
    5. Lotus Domino
    6. Third-party plug-ins
  14. Application Administration component
    1. Application Administration categories
    2. Operations Navigator and Client Access Express
    3. Administrable host application functions
  15. System values
    1. Using online help to find system value details
    2. Using Information Center for system value information
  16. Operations Navigator server jobs
    1. TCP/IP server jobs
    2. Client Access servers
  17. Operations Navigator functions by release
    1. Operations Navigator release cross reference
  18. Setting the time values for Management Central functions
    1. Operations Navigator and Management Central time stamps
  19. Management Central problem determination traces
    1. Collecting Management Central server job traces
    2. Setting up the traces
    3. Collect traces
  20. V5R2 iSeries Navigator enhancements summary
    1. General Connections and user interface updates
    2. Applications Administration
    3. System values
    4. Work Management
    5. Hardware management
    6. Network
    7. Windows Administration
    8. Security
    9. Database
    10. Integrated File System
    11. Managements Central-related enhancements
  21. Related publications
    1. IBM Redbooks
    2. Referenced Web sites
    3. How to get IBM Redbooks
  22. Back cover
  23. Index