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Managing Stakeholder Expectations for Project Success

Book Description

Managing Stakeholder Expectations for Project Success provides a practical approach to managing those things that matter most for project success—stakeholder expectations, communication, risk, change, and quality—so that scope, schedule, and cost end up on target and the project’s intended benefits for the organization are realized.

This unique desk reference shows how to utilize the best practices, concepts, and methodologies found in PMI’s PMBOK® Guide, along with a few concepts from APMG’s PRINCE2, and leverage them in the context of organizational challenges and project realities. It features new methods for successful project management that focus on understanding and managing stakeholders’ needs and expectations, communication, time management, and organizational politics and culture. The book’s content and design also make it a valuable resource for PMP® certification.

Key Features
  • Provides tips for deciphering organizational politics, and tools for analyzing all stakeholders to learn how to manage their expectations, how to treat them, what to expect from them, and how to design an effective communication plan, applicable and efficient for addressing each of their needs
  • Discusses methods for reducing requirement and scope changes and measuring the individual and overall impact of changes in the pipeline and their associated risks
  • Presents techniques and metrics for determining project health and interim performance beyond the traditional ways of measuring deliverables and results
  • Explains how to prioritize risks and responses based on organizational and project priorities so they align with objectives and success criteria
  • Demonstrates how to utilize and leverage best practices outlined in PMI’s PMBOK® Guide within the context of organizational challenges and project realities
  • Illustrates how to apply the knowledge presented and provides an integration framework for performing it properly
  • WAV offers downloadable checklists for determining project readiness and complexity, templates for quality and communication planning, and other tools — available from the Web Added Value™ Download Resource Center at www.jrosspub.com