Appendix 1

Policy and Procedure Examples

Four sample documents are shown in this appendix to illustrate the type of administrative guidelines that should be developed in support of project operations within the enterprise, providing the framework for managerial direction, communication and control:


Alpha Technology Corporation

ABC Division

Charter No. 01.213456.14

Purpose: Define program management charter within ABC Division

Effective Date: September 1, 2014

Position Title: Program Manager*


The program manager* has the delegated authority from general management to direct all program activities. He or she represents the company in contacts with the customer and all internal and external negotiations. Project personnel have the typical dual-reporting relationship: to functional management for technical performance and to the program manager for contractual performance in accordance with specifications, schedules, and budgets. The program manager approves all project personnel assignments and influences their salary and promotional status via formal performance reports to their functional managers. Travel and customer contact activities must be coordinated and approved by the program manager.

Any conflict with functional management or company policy shall be resolved by the general manager or his or her staff.


The program manager's responsibilities are to the general manager for overall ...

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