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Managing the Generation Mix: Second Edition From Urgency to Opportunity

Book Description

The workplace is changing. Powerful demographic forces are underway causing a "generational shift." If you're managing a mix of employees of all ages from teens to retirees and finding it takes more time and skill than ever before, welcome to the revolution. The latest edition of Managing the Generation Mix is full of insight and advice for tackling the age-related challenges you face every day and maximizing the strengths of your age-diverse team members

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Prequel: What You Need to Know Before You Read This Book
  7. Introduction to the Second Edition
  8. PART ONE: Who’s in Your Generation Mix Today? What You Can Expect
    1. Chapter 1. The Schwarzkopf Generation: Take Charge and Do What’s Right
    2. Chapter 2. Baby Boomers: Trendsetters to the End
      1. Worksheet: Managing Boomers
    3. Chapter 3. Generation X: What’s the Deal Today?
    4. Chapter 4. Generation Y: We’re Here Today!
      1. Worksheet: Who’s in Your Generation Mix?
      2. Overview: Managing Your Generation Mix
    5. Chapter 5. Bridging the Generational (Mis)Understanding Gap
      1. Bridging the Generational(Mis)Understanding Gap: Worksheet 1
      2. Bridging the Generational(Mis)Understanding Gap: Worksheet 2
  9. PART TWO: What Does It Take to Become a Great Gen Mix Manager? What You Can Expect
    1. Chapter 6. Focus: It’s All About the Work
      1. The Scope of Our Work
      2. Best Practices Checklist:Focus: It’s All About the Work
    2. Chapter 7. Communicate Just-in-Time, All the Time
      1. —Evaluation—Team Playership Rating
      2. Best Practices Checklist:Communicate Just-in-Time, All the Time
    3. Chapter 8. Customize! Customize! Customize!
      1.   Brainstorming Exercise:Incentives and Rewards
      2. Best Practices Checklist:Customize! Customize! Customize!
  10. PART THREE: From Retirees to Teens: Four Opportunities for the Taking What You Can Expect
    1. Chapter 9. Turning Gray to Gold: How to Mine the Riches in Seasoned Talent
      1. Evaluation Checklist:Welcome Back
      2. Evaluation Checklist:Attracting 50-Plus Talent
    2. Chapter 10. Heading Off the Midlevel Leadership Crisis: Who’s Going to Take Charge?
      1. Guidelines:Analyzing Current Leadership Needs
    3. Chapter 11. Managing Your Parents— or Grandparents: You’re in Good Company
    4. Chapter 12. Teaching Teens How to Serve Your Customers: How Well Are You Doing?
  11. Conclusion: What You Need to Know After You Read This Book
  12. Recommended Resources