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Managing the New Generation

Book Description

A practical guide for understanding and meeting workplace expectations of Generation Y

  • Practical applications and colourful examples and stories that inspire you to engage with Generation Y in new and productive ways

  • Discover the values and attitudes of a new generation of employees through insightful andf engaging interviews with members of Generation Y themselves

  • Stimulating, thought provoking and practical guidance on one of the most pressing issues in business today

  • In Detail

    Innovative techniques and practices for managing and engaging the new generation of workers.

    As the new generation of employees enters the workforce, they bring with them a distinctive set of attitudes, behaviors and expectations. Coupled with rapid changes to social and business life, this has created a situation of fast transformation in workplace and organizational culture. For some it may be troubling, and difficult to contend with, but the creativity and energy of Generation Y presents should be regarded as an opportunity, not a challenge. When managed and cultivated in the right way, Generation Y can play a key role in your organization and can push you forward towards future success.

    This engaging guide, thoughtful and practical in equal measure, takes the mystery and confusion out of managing and working with Generation Y. Carolin Munro, Associate Professor at the Faculty of management at Royal Roads University, BC., offers an unconventional roadmap to navigate through the uncultivated terrain of attracting, engaging, and retaining Generation Y talent in your organization. Carolin addresses the burning questions you have about Generation Y and proposes specific strategies that you can use to build collaborative working relationships with a new generation of employees. From attracting Generation Y to your organization, dealing with any multi-generational differences, to inspiring and coaching new employees towards success, Caroliun draws on her expertise in management and leadership to demonstrate that the future will be safe in the hands of Generation Y.

    About the Author

    Carolin Rekar Munro is the Associate Professor and Intellectual Lead for Leadership and Human Resources in the MBA and B.Com programs for the Faculty of Management at Royal Roads University in British Columbia. She is also an adjunct professor for Central Michigan University's Global Campus, teaching in the MA in Education. She received her Masters' and Doctoral degrees with a focus on developing human resources and leadership from the University of Toronto. She also has a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation from the Human Resources Professionals Association, a Certified Training and Development (CTDP) designation from the Canadian Society for Training and Development, and is certified in values-based leadership from the Barrett Centre, Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory, and Emotional Quotient Inventory.

    Table of Contents

    1. Managing the New Generation
      1. Managing the New Generation
      2. Credits
      3. About the Author
      4. About the Reviewers
      5. Preface
        1. Why this book?
        2. What this book covers
        3. Who this book is for
        4. How to read this book
        5. Conventions
        6. Reader feedback
      6. 1. Generation Y – Who Are They?
        1. So, what's burning?
        2. Unpacking the attributes of Gen Y
        3. Exploring Gen Y's needs and expectations
          1. Can you live up to Gen Y's expectations?
          2. Can your organization live up to Gen Y's expectations?
        4. Shattering myths about Gen Y
          1. Myth number 1 – Gen Y is entitled
          2. Myth number 2 – Gen Y has no work ethic
          3. Myth number 3 – Gen Y is disrespectful
          4. Myth number 4 – Gen Y is self-centered
          5. Myth number 5 – Gen Y wants to run before they can walk
          6. Shattered myths? So what now?
        5. Meeting the Gen Y community
        6. Reframing challenges as opportunities
        7. Leaning in to change
        8. Google it...
        9. Summary
      7. 2. Attracting Gen Y Talent to Your Company
        1. So, what's burning?
        2. Turbo-charging our job ads
          1. Converting our ads from mild to sizzling hot!
          2. Putting the lion's roar in your content
        3. Tapping into social media – are you digitally networking?
          1. Tweeting away your time - #tellmeyourstory
          2. Blogging back to the basics
          3. Facebook – do you like me?
          4. The ABCs of heading back to school
        4. Selecting the "perfect" candidate
        5. Meeting the Gen Y community
        6. Reframing challenges as opportunities
        7. Leaning in to change
        8. Google it…
        9. Summary
      8. 3. Acclimatizing Gen Y to Your Workplace – Training that is Sticky, Stickier, and Stickiest
        1. So, what's burning?
        2. Revealing the learner within – the 360 degree request
          1. Gen Y – who shows up for training?
          2. Delivering training – how do YOU show up?
        3. Orienting Gen Y to workplace realities – everyone on board?
          1. Creating an unrivalled first impression
        4. Designing training programs – shiny new tools for your toolbox
          1. Diamonds in the rough – podcasts, vodcasts, and so much more!
            1. Podcasts – get you headsets on!
            2. Vodcasts – now I can see you!
            3. Meet me online?
            4. Once upon a time...
            5. The polls are now open
            6. Thinking outside the tank
            7. Do you want to play a game?
            8. Debate twister
            9. Search and find
            10. Mystery learning?
          2. Upside down? Backwards? No, flip it!
        5. Making transfer of learning "stickiest"
          1. Forming sticky teams
          2. Post-training collaborations
        6. Evaluating your training – did you earn an "A"?
        7. Reframing challenges as opportunities
        8. Leaning in to change
        9. Google it…
        10. Meeting the Gen Y community
        11. Summary
      9. 4. Unlocking the Secrets to Awesome Conversations with Gen Y
        1. So, what's burning?
        2. Stretching the elastic band–a new role awaits you
          1. Let go–getting out of your own way
          2. Learning a new language–from crushers to connectors
          3. Checking assumptions
        3. Giving and receiving feedback–what to say and how to say it
          1. What to say
          2. What not to say
          3. How to say it
        4. Navigating the super highway of conflict – potholes, puddles, and ditches
          1. Shifting gears
          2. Signaling a new direction
          3. Seeing what's in the rear view mirror
        5. Reframing challenges as opportunities
        6. Leaning in to change
        7. Google it
        8. Meeting the Gen Y community
        9. Summary
      10. 5. Inspiring Star Performance– Reaching Seriously for Sirius
        1. So what's burning?
          1. Transmitting new messages – Why? What? How?
          2. Exploring change within–an invitation to try something new
            1. Tuning in to Gen Y's wavelength
            2. Responding to Gen Y's input – are we clashing or collaborating?
        2. Exploring new horizons for Gen Y – the galaxy beyond their jobs
          1. Ideas that come from Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn
            1. Responding to the pitch
            2. Encouraging them to keep pitching!
          2. Looking through the telescope
        3. Falling stars – learning how to fall with grace and grit
          1. Falling, falling, rising!
          2. Morphing into a culture that knows how to fall
        4. Reframing challenges as opportunities
        5. Leaning in to change
        6. Google it
        7. Meeting the Gen Y community – introducing…Peggy Liu!
        8. Summary
      11. 6. Performance Management– Becoming Hyperintentional About Sustainability
        1. So, what's burning?
        2. Managing daily performance – the secret sauce for getting things just right
          1. What's too much
          2. What's too little
          3. What's just right?
        3. Developing performance appraisals – a new GPS for Gen Y
          1. How to evaluate
            1. Coordinate 1 – Blue sky dreaming: your head in the clouds again
            2. Coordinate 2 – Developing a blueprint for success: getting from here to where?
            3. Coordinate 3 – Contributing to Gen Y's success: YOUR GPS matters too!
          2. Who evaluates
          3. Appraisal interviews – from OH NO to OH YES!
        4. Navigating the unexpected – when performance gets a flat tire
          1. Navigating the unexpected
          2. Deja vu – when the behavior recurs
          3. When it's time to say goodbye
        5. Reframing challenges as opportunities
        6. Leaning in to change
        7. Google it
        8. Meeting the Gen Y community – introducing...Abdulmohsen Almuhanna!
        9. Summary
      12. 7. Rewarding Peak Performers – Goodbye Plaques, Trophies, and Recognition Pins
        1. So, what's burning?
        2. Incentivizing peak performance with financial rewards
          1. Performance-based reward system – rewarding superstars
            1. Identifying the superstars
            2. Fine-tuning our process – differentiating between low-end, middle, and top performers
            3. Determining fund size – how fat is your wallet?
          2. Rewarding team performance
        3. Recognizing staff – possibilities beyond cash
          1. E-recognition – congratulatory messages go viral!
          2. Personalized recognitions – beyond another gold-plated watch
          3. Spontaneous bursts of caring – just because
        4. Incorporating a few tantalizing workplace perks
          1. Work space – here, there, and everywhere
          2. Expatriate opportunities – pack your bags!
          3. A philanthropic generation
        5. Sometimes, it's about doing nothing at all
        6. Reframing challenges as opportunities
        7. Leaning in to change
        8. Google it
        9. Meeting the Gen Y community – introducing...Victoria Kovalenko!
        10. Summary
      13. 8. Mentoring the Next Generation of Leaders – Legacy Building, One Gen Y at a Time
        1. So, what's burning?
        2. Getting YOU primed for the mentoring journey ahead
          1. An invitation to get over ourselves
          2. Blueprint for your training – yes, training for YOU too!
        3. Parachuting Gen Y into their future – their wish list and your map
          1. The great revelation – what's on Gen Y's wish list?
          2. Your map – guiding Gen Y to their career destination
        4. Can I get a little support here? – mentoring the mentors
          1. Throwing a mentoring life raft to YOU
          2. Throwing a life raft to Gen Y too!
        5. Reframing challenges as opportunities
        6. Leaning in to change
        7. Google it
        8. Meeting the Gen Y community – introducing...Hande Gulsen!
        9. Summary
      14. 9. Retaining Gen Y – What Else Does it Take to Keep Them?
        1. So, what's burning?
        2. Putting your organization's culture on your radar screen
          1. The view under the microscope – one step back and two steps forward
          2. Parking one's ego for incoming messages
        3. Developing your sixth sense to the noise around you
          1. Embracing the celestial sounds of whining
          2. Silence ain't golden
        4. Oh no! They're leaving!... Let them
          1. Putting the stick down – don't beat yourself up
          2. Holding the door open for Gen Ys as they leave
        5. Reframing challenges as opportunities
        6. Leaning in to change
        7. Google it
        8. Meeting the Gen Y community – introducing...Dr. Ganesh Ramachandran!
        9. Summary
      15. 10. Multigenerational Unity – Singing in Semiperfect Harmony
        1. So, what's burning?
        2. Setting the right tempo for working together – maestro, please set the stage
          1. Singing from a value-based song sheet
          2. Establishing contractual agreements for our working relationships
            1. Welcome to your team charter!
            2. Checking in and checking out
          3. Zero tolerance for B'ing flat!
            1. Striking the right chord
            2. Striking a different chord
        3. Multigenerational collaborations – singing an octave higher
          1. Leveraging the generational mix in unconventional ways
          2. Informal conversations – a cappuccino moment
        4. Establishing community circles that keep us singing in semiperfect harmony
          1. Instruments of our success
          2. How does feedback resonate with you – a prelude to success
        5. Reframing challenges as opportunities
        6. Leaning in to change
        7. Google it
        8. Meeting the Gen Y community – introducing...Gwen Hill!
        9. Summary
        10. Our last few minutes together...