A.17. Case Study

On the information appliance project discussed in earlier case studies, we had to test not only the client and server software, but also the information appliance hardware. That testing involved primarily the vendor's test team and an external test lab. However, as shown in Figure A.2, testing also involved the vendor's engineering team, the vendor's production test team, and the two subsystem vendors making the keyboard and the power adapter (a.k.a. "brick"). The case study hardware test tracking spreadsheet, "Case Study Info Appliance Device Test Tracking.xls," is available at www.rexblackconsulting.com.

Figure A.2. Information appliance hardware test suites and assigned organizations.

I thank my client, who wishes to remain anonymous, for permission to discuss this project here. I also thank my client contacts for their excellent support and steady leadership on this project. Finally, thanks to my test team, the vendors, and the independent test lab for their professionalism and excellence on this project.

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