B.6. Contacting Me

I am, as I've mentioned before, a consultant, and I am the principal consultant in Rex Black Consulting Services, Inc. My associates and I practice test and quality assurance consulting for software and hardware development internationally. Specifically, we provide expert services in the following areas:

Test team bootstrapping.

We can put a test team in place in a short timeframe, execute a complete test project against your current release, and then hand a running test process off to a full-time test staff.

Turnkey test project execution.

We can also just perform a test project for your company, and then go away if there's no need for a full-time test team.

Test automation.

We use commercial test tools, custom developed tools, and integrated combinations of the two.

Test execution and management tools.

We have extensive experience building custom test tools for our clients.

Test training.

We offer an ever-increasing variety of training programs for testers and test managers, including the popular three-day and two-day seminars based on this book.

Test project and process consulting.

We can help you improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your testing through expert consulting.

Distributed test coordination.

We can help you properly leverage outside groups to do some or all of your testing without increasing risk to your project.

Test staff augmentation.

We can provide junior test technicians, senior test project managers, and all manner of skilled testing ...

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