2.23. Exercises

  1. You are responsible for the System Test phase for a calculator program, as discussed in Chapter 1.

    • Assume that you are working in the same location (e.g., same cubicle or adjacent tables) as the sole programmer working on the calculator. How would you document the entry criteria, bug reporting, and test release process?

    • Assume that the development team is in another city. What are the entry criteria, bug reporting, and test release implications?

  2. Based on the risk analysis, schedule, and budget you prepared in exercises 3 and 4 in Chapter 1, write a test plan following my template.

  3. Translate the test plan you wrote in exercise 2 into the IEEE 829 format. Was there any particular information in one that was not accounted for in another? Which one do you prefer? Justify your answers.

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