Tool 2.1: Delegation Worksheet
Tool 2.2: Sample Project Plan
Tool 3.1: Sample Goal Development Process
Tool 3.2: Sample Success Sheet: Setting Goals
Tool 3.3: Sample Organizational Goals
Tool 4.1: Sample Statement of Core Values
Tool 5.1: Sample Check-In Meeting Agenda
Tool 5.2: Sample Check-In Success Sheet
Tool 6.1: Sample Job Posting
Tool 6.2: Sample Talent List
Tool 6.3: Sample Worksheet for Building the Applicant Pool
Tool 6.4: Sample Rejection E-Mails
Tool 6.5: Sample Job Simulation Exercises
Tool 6.6: Sample Interview Preparation E-Mail
Tool 6.7: Sample Interview Questions
Tool 6.8: Sample Interview Outline
Tool 6.9: Sample Reference Check Questions
Tool 6.10: Sample Orientation Outline ...

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