Chapter 18

Navigating Health Insurance and Other Healthcare Scenarios


check Seeing how the Affordable Care Act applies to people with diabetes

check Knowing where you can get insurance

check Finding help when you don’t have insurance

check Preparing for other healthcare scenarios

Health insurance is a hot-button topic that weighs on everyone’s mind and impacts everyone’s wallet. Most Americans have differing opinions about how it should work — including who and what it should cover. But everyone can agree on one thing: Access to healthcare, medications, and supplies keeps getting more expensive.

People with diabetes should have access to health insurance because it helps them afford medications (including insulin), blood glucose meters, test strips, and insulin supplies. It also allows people with diabetes to visit their healthcare providers for preventive care, routine management, and treatment for life-threatening complications of diabetes.

In this chapter, we give you the lay of the land in terms of the health insurance marketplace, including protections that specifically affect people ...

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