Chapter 19

Knowing Your Rights


check Managing diabetes in the workplace

check Looking out for your child with diabetes at school

check Keeping an eye on your health while on vacation

check Staying safe on the road

You may spend a big chunk of your day at work, or your child may spend most of her days at school. So, it’s important to consider diabetes management in these situations and make sure you create the best environment for success. You have certain rights as a person with diabetes, and we detail them in this chapter. We also talk about how to keep those rights in mind when starting a new job, telling your co-workers or boss about your diabetes, or designing a safe and successful learning plan for your child with diabetes.

Travel is another activity that you can plan for in terms of your diabetes supplies, medications, and management of your blood glucose. In this chapter, find out about Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations, as well as tips for taking road trips or other types of vacations.

The American Diabetes Association is dedicated to helping you understand ...

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