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Managing Unpredictable Supply Chain Disruptions

Video Description

As supply chains have become increasingly global and complex, the consequences for significant disruptions have become enormous. Companies are good at managing known supply chain risks where they can predict the likelihood of occurrence and magnitude of impact. But it's a different story for low-probability, high-impact events like mega disasters, viral epidemics, unforeseen political upheavals, or major factory fires. Companies don't know how to prepare their supply chains for such events and can suffer calamitous consequences. So what can you do to help your company prepare for hidden, unforeseen disasters that could disrupt your supply chain? In this interactive Harvard Business Review webinar, MIT Professor and co-author of the HBR article ""From Superstorms to Factory Fires: Managing Unpredictable Supply-Chain Disruptions,"" David Simchi-Levi shares a new model for assessing exposure to hidden risks. Use of this model can improve planning, minimize disruptions, and have significant strategic and financial benefits.