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Managing Your Time: Planning and Prioritizing for Success

Book Description

Do you have a firm grasp on your time? After all, you can't actually control time or add more to your day. The only thing you can control is yourself. Can you manage yourself well enough to get the most out of the time you have? Bestselling author Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro, will lead you through an analysis of your time to help you:

  • Analyze your time like you analyze your money;

  • Plan the next day the night before;

  • Avoid the decision dilemma and know what to do next;

  • Reduce the stress created by crisis; and

  • Assess the value of the activities on your plate.

You'll learn to create maximum results in minimum time, so you'll have less time at work, more time with your loved ones, and more time to spend on yourself. Laura will guide you through a thorough analysis of your time, so you spend it in all the right places.