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Manual of Romance Languages in the Media

Book Description

This manual provides an extensive overview of the importance and use of Romance languages in the media, both in a diachronic and synchronic perspective.

Its chapters discuss language in television and the new media, the language of advertising, or special cases such as translation platforms or subtitling.

Separate chapters are dedicated to minority languages and smaller varieties such as Galician and Picard, and to methodological approaches such as linguistic discourse analysis and writing process research.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Media and Linguistics
    1. 0 Preface
    2. 1 Media Linguistics: Interfaces to Media and Communication Studies
  6. Text Linguistic Approaches to Language in the Media
    1. 2 Text Linguistic Approaches I: Analysis of Media Texts
    2. 3 Text Linguistic Approaches II: Textuality of Online Media
    3. 4 Television Text Types
    4. 5 Online Text Types
    5. 6 Aspects of Advertising Language Online
  7. Orality and Literacy of Media Text Types
    1. 7 Orality and Literacy in Cinema and Television
    2. 8 Orality and Literacy of Telephony and SMS
    3. 9 Orality and Literacy of Online Communication
  8. Methods in Linguistic Media Research
    1. 10 Critical Discourse Analysis and New Media
    2. 11 Analyzing Multicodal Media Texts
    3. 12 Language in the Media: The Process Perspective
    4. 13 Tertiary Media Corpora of the Romance Languages
  9. Romance Matters
    1. 14 The Role of Small Languages in the Media I: Presence of Romanian in Medial Communication
    2. 15 The Role of Small Languages in the Media II: Presence of Picard in Medial Communication
    3. 16 Audiovisual Latino Media in the US: The Emergence of Bilingual Media Text Genres in the Interface between Language Contact, Language Policy and Translation
    4. 17 Language Change through Medial Communication
    5. 18 Broadcast Advertising – Issues of Linguistic Research (with Special Regard to Italy and France)
  10. Media Texts and Multilingualism
    1. 19 Minority Languages in Media Communication
    2. 20 Audiovisual Translation
    3. 21 Crowdsourcing Translation
    4. 22 Software Localization into Romance Languages
  11. Index