Praise for Mapping Experiences

Second Edition

Jim Kalbach demystifies the visual logic that underlies every possible “design thinking” or “UX workshopping” artifact with the intellectual enthusiasm of Edward Tufte. Kalbach gives meaning and studied attention to the ginormous service blueprint that covers an entire wall of your office all the way down to the humble sticky note that’s fallen to the floor.

—John MaedaTechnologist and author of How To Speak Machine

This is the book I wish I’d had years ago. I’ve made hundreds of alignment diagrams and maps while working with clients and startups, and it can feel mucky and murky. Jim crystallizes the benefits, clarifies the processes, and provides inspiring visual examples that will motivate design and business leaders to better serve their customers.

—Kate Rutter Consultant, designer, and professor of interaction design, California College of the Arts

How do you know that something (music, movie, book) is really great? Each time you listen to it, watch it, or read it, you find something new: new thought, new insight, new perspective. It just keeps ringing the bell again and again, and again. This book is exactly like this. It is the most comprehensive guide about creating value through maps and diagrams I know and recommend to my colleagues, our students, and partners.

—Yuri VedeninFounder, UXPressia

Mapping Experiences is the essential guide to using human-centered mapping methods to align stakeholders across silos in any organization. ...

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