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Maran Illustrated™ Windows® 7 Guided Tour™

Book Description

MARAN ILLUSTRATEDTM WINDOWS® 7 GUIDED TOUR is an excellent guide for Windows users of all skill levels and ideal for any visual learner who prefers seeing what to do rather than reading lengthy explanations. Like all MARAN GUIDED TOUR titles, this book features our well-known disk character that walks you through each task and operation step-by-step. Using clear, concise instructions accompanied by hundreds of full-color screen shots, MARAN ILLUSTRATEDTM WINDOWS® 7 GUIDED TOUR is the fastest and easiest way to get started and get up to speed with Windows 7. You'll learn all the new and improved Windows 7 features such as Snap which allows you to arrange two windows side-by-side, Windows Search which enables you to search in Windows the same way you do on the internet, Jump Lists that keep the files, photos, or websites you use most often within easy, two-click access, and Windows Live Moviemaker, the powerful and simple way to turn photos and videos in to great looking movies. You have the option of reading the book cover to cover, or simply reading the individual topics they are interested in. Learning Windows has never been this easy.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. maranGraphics is a family-run business
  3. Credits
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. Windows Basics
    1. Introduction to Windows
    2. Using the Start Menu
    3. Scroll through a Window
    4. Close a Window
    5. Move a Window
    6. Resize a Window
    7. Maximize a Window
    8. Minimize a Window
    9. Switch Between Windows
    10. Display two Windows Side by Side
    11. Show the Desktop
    12. Put your Computer to Sleep
    13. Restart your Computer
    14. Shut Down Windows
    15. Get Help
  6. Fun and Useful Programs
    1. Play Games
    2. Create Sticky Notes
    3. Create Documents with Wordpad
    4. About Windows Live Programs
  7. Working with Files
    1. View your Files
    2. Access Drives on your Computer
    3. Change View of Files
    4. Select Files
    5. Rename a File
    6. Open a File
    7. Open a Recently Used File
    8. Create a New Folder
    9. Delete a File
    10. Restore a Deleted File
    11. Print a File
    12. Move or Copy a File
    13. Search for Files
    14. Copy Files to a USB Flash Drive
  8. Working with Pictures
    1. Print Pictures
    2. Copy Pictures from a Digital Camera
    3. Copy Pictures and Videos to a DVD
    4. Start Windows Live Photo Gallery
    5. Manage your Photos
    6. Edit your Photos
  9. Working with Songs and Videos
    1. Play a Video or Sound
    2. Play a Music CD
    3. Play Files in the Player Library
    4. Create a Playlist
    5. Copy Songs from a Music CD
    6. Copy Songs to a CD
    7. Play a DVD Movie
    8. Transfer Video from a Video Camera
  10. Create Movies
    1. Start Windows Live Movie Maker
    2. Add Videos and Photos
    3. Trim Videos and Add Transitions
    4. Add Music
    5. Save a Movie
  11. Customize and Optimize Windows
    1. Change the Desktop Background
    2. Change the Screen Saver
    3. Change the Color of Windows
    4. Change the Theme
    5. Add a Gadget to your Desktop
    6. Add a Program to the Taskbar
    7. Adjust the Volume
    8. Change the Computer Sounds
    9. View and Change the Date and Time
    10. Review your Computer’s Status
    11. Restore your Computer
  12. Share your Computer
    1. Create a User Account
    2. Delete a User Account
    3. Switch Users
    4. Log off Windows
    5. Log on to Windows
    6. Create a Password
  13. Browse the Web
    1. Start Internet Explorer
    2. Display a Webpage
    3. Work with Webpages
    4. Work with Tabs
    5. Print a Webpage
    6. Search the Web
    7. Display and Change your Home Page
    8. Display History of Viewed Webpages
    9. Add a Webpage to Favorites
    10. View Suggested Sites
    11. Using Accelerators
    12. Add a Web Slice
  14. Exchange e-Mail and Instant Messages
    1. Start Windows Live Mail
    2. Send an e-Mail Message
    3. Reply to a Message
    4. Add Photos to a Message
    5. Forward a Message
    6. Delete a Message
    7. Find a Message
    8. Open an Attached File
    9. Add a Contact in Windows Live Mail
    10. Send a Message to a Contact
    11. Start Windows Live Messenger
    12. Add a Contact in Windows Live Messenger
    13. Send an Instant Message
  15. Work on a Network
    1. Introduction to Networks
    2. Create a Homegroup
    3. Join a Homegroup
    4. Choose a Network Location
    5. Access Files on Other Computers
    6. Connect to a Wireless Network
  16. Index