Acacia mangium, 32

Acidification, 47

Aquaculture, 49

Artisanal fishing, 14


Blue Star, 79

Buck Island Reef National Monument, 74


Cabo Cortez, 107

Cabo Dorado, 107

Cabo Pulmo, 102

    climate change, 108–111

    context, 103

    marine tourism, growth of, 105–106

    National Park, creating and managing, 103–104

    paradox of success, 106–108

Cabo Pulmo National Park (CPNP), 102–105

Carbon dioxide emission, 48

Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism (CAST), 42

Caribbean coral reefs

    case studies

        Puntacana Coral Gardens Program, 18–27

        Restoration and Community Co-Management of Mangroves project, 29–35

        sargassum invasion, 37–43

    current state and recent trends, 12–13

    decline, anthropogenic causes of ...

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