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Marine Tourism, Climate Change, and Resilience in the Caribbean, Volume II

Book Description

As the nations of the Caribbean respond to the emerging effects of climate change and prepare for those to come, tourism has the potential to either worsen or mitigate these impacts. In this book we look specifically at marine recreation and how its various sectors—ranging from surfing, diving and sport fishing, to yacht­ing and cruise ships—are coping with and preparing for climate change in the Caribbean. Through essays and case studies by scientists, business leaders, government and NGO staff, and others, we show that tourism could lead the way in reducing human-induced climate impacts, protecting and restoring crucial ecosystems and habitats, and building sustainable futures for the people of the Caribbean and beyond.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title Page
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Contents
  6. Foreword and Acknowledgments
  7. Key Definitions
  8. List of Acronyms
  9. Map of the Caribbean
  10. Chapter 1: Introduction by Kreg Ettenger
  11. Chapter 2: Marine Recreation
    1. Overview—Major Types of Marine Recreation: Climate Change Impacts and Responsesby Mark J. Spalding and Luke Elder
    2. Case Study 2.1: “Connecting with Nature and Community to Create Lasting Change: The Bodhi Surf + Yoga, Costa Rica” by Travis Bays and Shengxiao Yu
    3. Case Study 2.2: “Linking Marine Recreation and Marine Protected Areas: A Marine Scientist and Lifelong Diver’s Point of View” by Rick MacPherson with Kreg Ettenger
    4. Case Study 2.3: “Sport Fishing and Diving at Turneffe Atoll, Belize: Sustaining Resources through Marine Recreation” by Martha Honey and Kreg Ettenger
  12. Chapter 3: Caribbean Yachting and Marinas in an Era of Climate Change
    1. Overview—Battening Down the Hatches: Yachting, Marinas, and Sustainability by Martha Honey
    2. Case Study 3.1: “Planning Marinas for Uncertain Futures: Environmental Design and Social Sustainability” by Esteban L. Biondi
    3. Case Study 3.2: “The Future of Grenada’s Yachting Sector: Addressing the Climate Change Challenge” by Robin Swaisland
    4. Case Study 3.3: “Tyrell Bay Marina, Carriacou, Grenada” by Martha Honey
  13. Chapter 4: Cruise Tourism
    1. Overview—“Cruise Ship Holidays and Climate Change: The Lure of Playgrounds at Sea” by Martha Honey
    2. Case Study 4.1: “Environmental Impacts of Cruise Tourism” by Julia Lewis
    3. Case Study 4.2: “How Are Cruise Lines Addressing Sustainability and Climate Change? A Look at Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.” by Samantha Hogenson
    4. Case Study 4.3: “Climate Change and Cruise Tourism in Cozumel, Mexico” by Kennedy Obombo Magio and Elisa Guillén Argueles
  14. Conclusion: “Marine Tourism, Climate Change, and the State of the World’s Oceans” by Mark J. Spalding
  15. Contributing Authors
  16. Index