Mark Bates on Go Core Techniques and Tools

Video description

Take the Go programming language for a test drive with this example-driven video course from software architect Mark Bates. You get a detailed introduction to several tools and techniques that lie at the core of this relatively new Google language, including concurrent programming with "go" routines. Mark also demonstrates how to build a command line application, using test-driven development.

Statically typed with syntax derived from C, this easy-to-learn language includes garbage collection, type safety, and some dynamic-typing capabilities. If you’re an experienced programmer, you’ll have an exciting new language in your toolkit once you complete this video.

  • Learn Go basics such as functions, variables, and loops
  • Use the "testing" package in the test-driven development of Go applications
  • Manage multiple "go" routines and coordinate the control of a concurrent Go program
  • Understand how packages in Go applications are organized
  • Build binaries for platforms other than the one you develop with
  • Explore error handling, including how to gracefully recover from specific errors
  • Use the "expvar" package to expose metrics about Go applications
  • Manage dependency versions for your applications with the Godep tool

Mark Bates is the founder and chief architect of the Boston-based consulting company, Meta42 Labs. He's written web applications since 1996; he now spends his days focusing on new application development and consulting for his clients.

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Table of contents

  1. Intro to Go 00:18:38
  2. Testing Go 00:16:24
  3. Go: Wait Groups 00:07:56
  4. Quartz 00:26:52
  5. Struct Annotations 00:10:30
  6. Packages 00:17:02
  7. Building Binaries 00:06:44
  8. Sending Emails 00:13:52
  9. Shell Commands 00:09:46
  10. Errors 00:10:03
  11. Expvar 00:08:06
  12. CMD App Part 1 00:16:26
  13. CMD App Part 2 00:23:30
  14. CMD App Part 3 00:21:28
  15. Flag 00:12:44
  16. Vim and Go 00:17:50
  17. Blackfriday 00:18:43
  18. Mutex 00:18:40
  19. Godep 00:18:40
  20. Ginkgo 00:21:02

Product information

  • Title: Mark Bates on Go Core Techniques and Tools
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: August 2015
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781491937211