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Mark Bates on Go Web Frameworks and Techniques

Video Description

Open source Go, the concurrent garbage-collected programming language that scales big and fast, is the emerging language of the Cloud. Russ Cox, technical co-leader of the Go Project at Google, described Go at a Boston area Google Developers Group meeting this way, “Go is a fast, fun, and productive language for writing programs.”

In this third in a series video about how to program with Go, Mark Bates, Go expert extraordinaire, ladles a big helping of the special Go sauce that makes this language so tasty. There is a lot to consume in this serving—22 segments—so settle in for a big meal.

  • Build and test a basic web app in Go
  • Handle and test multi-part file uploads
  • Bundle, access and serve static assets like templates and JavaScript
  • Build a router with TDD, then test Pat and Mux, the popular 3rd party routers
  • Create a middleware stack for HTTP, use it to understand how Go manages variable context
  • Render JSON, XML and more with Package
  • Work with EventSource, Goth, Gopher JS, the Revel web framework, HttpRouter, Echo, and go.rice
  • Get more on the ins and outs of JSON encoding/decoding
  • Produce a scalable echo server using Gorilla Web Toolkit’s WebSocket
  • Configure Go to serve content over HTTP and HTTPS; Build a proxy server to a back-end Rails app

Table of Contents

  1. Go Templates 00:14:37
  2. Basic Web Apps 00:13:59
  3. Testing Go Web Apps 00:17:21
  4. File Uploads in Go 00:16:20
  5. Bundling Assets 00:11:25
  6. Routing Part 1 00:12:46
  7. Routing Part 2 00:21:31
  8. Middleware 00:19:05
  9. Render 00:12:27
  10. EventSource with Go 00:16:45
  11. Goth 00:15:22
  12. GopherJS 00:15:30
  13. Revel Part 1 00:16:24
  14. Revel Part 2 00:18:50
  15. Revel Part 3 00:17:10
  16. HttpRouter 00:18:32
  17. go.rice 00:11:46
  18. JSON 00:14:54
  19. Websockets Part 1 00:18:47
  20. Websockets Part 2 00:13:06
  21. HTTPS 00:15:16
  22. Echo 00:19:33