Marketing and Management Models

Book description

Modern business practice, especially in the field of
marketing, depends on the integration of creative and
analytical thinking. One of the tools in this process is
the use of management models to guide business decisions.
However, the inherent power of the models is only
released when the people applying them have the ability
to gather relevant information and interpret the relationships
between the variables in the model.
This book examines the role of some of the most popular
management models and will help you determine
when they should be applied. In addition, it suggests
which models may be relevant and, more importantly,
identifies the type of information needed to implement
them; and also reduces the complexity of these models
through a logical and systematic approach. Models recognize
the impact of globalization, technology, systems
thinking, and the need for an integrated approach in
marketing. You’ll find new ones dealing with
consumer engagement, gamification, supply chain management,
and cultural integration.
If you’re a student of business and marketing, a junior
market researcher, or a manager responsible for the preparation
of strategic analyses prior to problem-solving and
planning sessions, this book is for you!

Product information

  • Title: Marketing and Management Models
  • Author(s): Helen Strong
  • Release date: July 2014
  • Publisher(s): Business Expert Press
  • ISBN: 9781606499634