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Marketing and Merchandising for Musicians

Book Description

Successful music marketing today requires a whole new level of expertise; from basic marketing knowledge and industry-specific strategies, to technology-driven tactics and tools there are many critical factors to consider when putting together a marketing plan. MARKETING AND MERCHANDISING FOR MUSICIANS rises to the challenge of defining an effective and competitive music marketing campaign by addressing the changing landscape of music marketing, and what this means for the people responsible for the marketing. Traditionally, record companies were solely responsible for these tasks, but as advances in technology have allowed musicians to create master-quality recordings in their own homes, the record company's role in many parts of the process has diminished. The end result: a more "do-it-yourself" approach to the marketing, promotion, and merchandising functions in the music field. This book will not only provide students with a fundamental knowledge of each of these topics, it tackles these topics in the context of a musician's career, which offers a variety of strong real-world applications. Written in a reader-friendly and accessible tone, this is a solid resource for anyone seeking a more in-depth knowledge of music marketing today.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. About the Author
  6. Contents
  7. Introduction
  8. 1 An Ode to the Record Business
    1. What the Music Industry Once Was
    2. Where the Music Industry Is
    3. What the Music Business Is Becoming
    4. What This Means to You
  9. 2 Becoming the New Musician
    1. Isn’t Having Talent Enough?
    2. Your Role as an Artist
    3. Does the Record Company Have a Role?
    4. The Psychology and Morality of Buying Music
  10. 3 Understanding Marketing Terminology
    1. Definitions: Traditional Marketing
    2. The Marketing Plan
    3. Definitions: Social Marketing
  11. 4 Knowing Your Audience
    1. Defining Your Target Market
    2. Knowing Your Fan Base
  12. 5 Marketing Your Music the Traditional Way
    1. If You Post It, Will They Come?
    2. This Just In: Good News/Bad News
    3. Understanding the Marketing Mix
    4. Understanding Traditional Marketing
  13. 6 Leveraging Social Marketing Techniques
    1. The Act of Blogging
    2. The Dawn (and Dusk) of MySpace
    3. The Rise of Facebook
    4. Using Twitter and Tweets
    5. Visit Us, Follow Us, Join Us
    6. About LinkedIn
    7. Using Other Marketing Methods
    8. And the Winner Is …
    9. Finding a Formula for Foolproof Marketing
  14. 7 Music and Merchandising
    1. Encore: Remember the Target Audience
    2. Why Merchandising Matters
  15. 8 The Aesthetics of Developing Merchandise
    1. Establishing a Look and Feel for Merchandise
    2. Using the Tools of the Trade
    3. Using Contractors for Implementing Graphics
    4. How to Hire a Graphic Artist
    5. Types of Merchandise for Musicians (and Their Fans)
    6. Other Products You Can Create and Sell
    7. How and Where to Sell Your Merchandise
  16. 9 Other Business Considerations of Music Merchandising
    1. Using Outside Resources
    2. Getting Permission—and Other Legalities
    3. Finances
    4. Investors
  17. 10 Latest Trends in Digital Music
    1. The Music Biz: The Times Are Changing
    2. How Downloading Is Like Owning (Almost)
    3. How Streaming Is the Same as Access
    4. The Growing Lineup of Online Music Sites
    5. Understanding Your Rights—and Royalties
    6. The Future of Copyright
    7. New Trend or Valid Business Model? Fan Funding
    8. The One-Stop Digital Shop
  18. 11 A License to Market Your Music (in a Music-Licensing Market)
    1. The Music Supervisor
    2. Music-Licensing Websites
    3. Reaching a Music Supervisor Directly
  19. 12 The Music Library Phenomenon
    1. A Brief History of Production Music
    2. Today’s Music Library Landscape
    3. The Major Music Libraries
    4. Understanding the Music of Production Libraries
    5. Licensing Fees and Performance Royalties
    6. To Title or Retitle, That Is the Question
    7. Producing Music for Production Libraries
    8. Submitting Material to a Music Production Library
  20. 13 How to Keep Up with “the Change”
    1. Music News on the Web
    2. Trade Magazines
    3. Networking
    4. Industry Conferences and Events
    5. Share and Share Alike?
  21. 14 Learning from the Experience of Others
    1. The Music Business—Today and Tomorrow
    2. The Interviews
  22. 15 Conclusions, Musings, and Reminders
    1. Market Conditions
    2. A Different Look at the Techno Wars
    3. Greed Is Good—or Not
    4. What Does All This Have to Do with M3?
  23. Index