Chapter 12

Scoring Leads

In This Chapter

arrow Recognizing basic scoring concepts

arrow Building your first scoring model

arrow Choosing actions and behaviors to score

arrow Monitoring your scoring model

Scoring is a method of assigning numbers to one or more actions or behaviors taken by a prospect or customer. With scoring, you can quantify varying levels of engagement with your marketing programs. A score — the actual number you choose to assign — is both a data point and a field in your database. Any field in your database can have an associated score by assigning a number based on the data in the field. You can also use scores to trigger future automations in response to an action or behavior that pushes the score over a certain threshold.

You can use scoring for lead qualification, segmentation, cold leads identification, and much more. Scoring leads based on their interactions allows you to measure their interest and sales readiness.

In this chapter, I explain the basics of lead scoring. I show you how to create a proper lead-scoring model and how to use scoring information for personalization, ...

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