Chapter 5

Engaging Your Marketing Imagination

In This Chapter

arrow Achieving breakthroughs by being creative

arrow Putting your creativity to use in advertising, product development, and brand building

arrow Making meetings and teams more creative

arrow Taking charge of the creative process, from initiation through implementation

Good marketing depends on creativity. Marketers must always seek new approaches and reject assumptions and limitations. If circumstances aren’t going your way — sales are slow, the boss rejects your proposals, customers complain about service, or your website isn’t getting enough traffic — then remember to take some time out for creativity. The right creative idea at the right moment can turn the marketing tide your way. With the techniques I describe in this chapter, you can harness your organization’s marketing imagination and spark incredible results — even if you’re a small business owner wearing the hats of marketing, sales, service, custodial, and so on.

Turning the Tide with Creativity

Being creative can make a huge difference in your marketing in more ways than you may ...

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