Chapter 14

Making Your Brand Stand Out

In This Chapter

arrow Creating a powerful brand identity

arrow Naming your brand well

arrow Fitting your products into branded product lines

arrow Pumping up current products and introducing new ones

arrow Knowing when it’s time to improve or replace a product

The brand is the heart and soul of any marketing program. If the product is good and has a strong, appealing identity (the brand), then the marketing program has a high chance of success. In this book, I use the word product as an umbrella term that means a product, a service, or anything else your company wants to sell. The brand is the special identity you give this product, or line of products, through your marketing. You may even think of yourself as a branded product at times — for instance, when applying for jobs or running for office. The marketer’s approach to branding products is a powerful one, and this chapter has tons of great tools and techniques you can use, whatever your current marketing challenge may ...

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