Chapter 16

Distributing Your Product Where Your Customers Are

In This Chapter

arrow Building your business with strong distribution strategies

arrow Finding distributors and retailers

arrow Considering the best marketing channel structure and maximizing retail sales

arrow Thinking about point-of-purchase incentives and displays

The companies with the widest distribution are often the most successful because that distribution system gives them access to so many potential customers. Often the easiest way to grow your sales and profits is to improve your distribution systems. Adding retailers (or distributors if you’re a B2B marketer) and increasing your accessibility on the web are two good ways to expand distribution. If you sell to other businesses, then you can expand your network of salespeople or work with a large distribution company to increase the reach of your distribution system.

In this chapter, I share ways of reaching prospects both in the real world and on the web to increase your potential customer base. Distribution can help make your offerings more visible and accessible, such as by cuing ...

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