CHAPTER 17Bivariate Correlation and Regression

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As with the items in the previous chapter, those discussed in this chapter—bivariate correlation and regression—have been around for a long time. And they have survived the test of time and are still widely used today as workhorses of our analytical arsenal. They are even used today in their bivariate and multivariate (Chapter 18) forms with Big Data. Bivariate correlation looks at the relationship between the movement of one variable and another variable while bivariate regression looks at the nature of that relationship and the relative impact of an independent variable on the dependent variable.

Bivariate Analysis of Association

In many marketing research studies, the interests of the researcher and manager go beyond issues that can be addressed by the statistical testing of differences discussed in Chapter 16. They may be interested in the degree of association between two variables. Statistical techniques appropriate for this type of analysis are referred to as bivariate techniques. When more than two variables are involved, the techniques employed are known as multivariate techniques. Multivariate techniques are discussed in Chapter 18.

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