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Marketing, Sales and Customer Management (MSC)

Book Description

This work concisely presents methods for integrated marketing, sales, and customer management, and is orientated to practice and implementation. It sketches a modern and forward-looking marketing approach for domestic as well as international small, mid-sized, and large firms in the B2B market.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Preface
  5. Table of Contents
  6. Introduction
  7. I The holistic marketing, sales and customer management approach (B2B)
    1. 1 The holistic framework and segmentation approach
    2. 2 The creation of market segment potential (SPOT) and market segment positioning analyses (SPOS)
      1. 2.1 The market segment potential analysis (SPOT)
      2. 2.2 The market positioning analysis (SPOS)
    3. 3 The derivation of market penetration, market development and growth potentials
    4. 4 Manifestations of marketing, sales and customer management-focused marketing models and their integration
    5. References
  8. II Strategic marketing, sales and customer management (B2B)
    1. 1 “Traditional” marketing strategies
      1. 1.1 Basic or standard strategies of marketing management
      2. 1.2 Market expansion strategies
      3. 1.3 Competitive strategies
      4. 1.4 Market segment strategies
      5. 1.5 USP and core competence strategies
      6. 1.6 Positioning Strategies
      7. 1.7 Geographical Strategies
      8. 1.8 Marketing program strategies, sales and customer program strategies
    2. 2 Strategy profile development and integrated marketing, sales and customer strategy map
    3. 3 The integrated marketing, sales and customer management scorecard
    4. References
  9. III Integrated product, service and product development management
    1. 1 Implementation of integrated marketing, sales and customer management
    2. 2 Product Management (PM)
      1. 2.1 Product Program Management
      2. 2.2 Individual product and product development management (PD) (lead-useroriented product development)
    3. 3 Service Management
    4. 4 Innovation Management and Innovation Scorecard
    5. Degression
    6. References
  10. IV Integrated sales, customer acquisition and negotiation management
    1. 1 Sales structure in the context of marketing and customers (MSC Management)
    2. 2 Customer acquisition and its multi-functional approach
    3. 3 Sales processes and their optimization based on key performance indicators
    4. 4 Cross-Cultural Negotiation
      1. 4.1 Core Cross-Cultural Negotiations Skills
      2. 4.2 Bridging Cultural Divides
      3. 4.3 Training and Coaching
      4. 4.4 Job Enrichment
      5. 4.5 Rewards and Recognition
      6. 4.6 Cross-Cultural Negotiations and Key Account Management
    5. References
  11. V Integrated customer loyalty, customer relations and customer retention management (CRM)
    1. 1 Holistic CRM – Customer Relationship Management-Approach
    2. 2 Integrated customer satisfaction and customer loyalty management
    3. 3 Business Relationship Management and Interpersonal Relationship Management (CRM)
    4. 4 Ten Dimensions of customer retention and their customer retention instruments and tools
    5. 5 The CRM tool approach
    6. References
  12. VI Integrated Customer Development and Key Account Management (KAM)
    1. 1 Modern and sustainable customer development and Key Account Management (KAM)
    2. 2 Systematization, classification and selection of key accounts
    3. 3 Key account concept development, key account strategies and tasks
    4. 4 Key account management organization, structure, implementation and processes
    5. 5 KAM qualification, coaching, assessment and leadership programs
    6. References
  13. VII Integrated Focus Group Management (FGM) and marketing, sales and customer scorecard management
    1. 1 Integrated Focus Group Management (FGM)
    2. 2 Integrated marketing, sales and customer management scorecard (integrated MSC scorecard management)
    3. References
  14. Appendix I: Checklist for the Collaboration of Marketing, Sales and Customer Management
  15. Appendix II: Example of a KAM Assessment Questionnaire
  16. Endnotes
  17. Bibliography
  18. List of Figures
  19. Index