Chapter 36

Website Shopping Cart

Do you want your very own shopping cart?

Chapter 35 looked at a variety of websites where you can sell your products online, but we didn't look at selling products directly on your own website. That's what this chapter is about. Having your own shopping cart is a lot easier than it used to be. There was a time when you had to build all the code into your own website. You had to integrate your website with a merchant account to accept VISA or MasterCard, and you had to integrate that merchant account with your bank account.

It was complicated. No longer.

Today, there are companies that offer out-of-the-box shopping cart solutions that you can easily link to or integrate directly into your own website. In most cases, the people visiting your website don't even realize the shopping cart is being hosted elsewhere.

A great example is

The websites we discussed in the last chapter—eBay, Yahoo!, Amazon, and Zipidee—the ones that host your products and let you sell them using their shopping cart—make money on the product being sold. In other words, they get a cut of your sales price.

With 1ShoppingCart, you can sell whatever you want and get 100 percent of the money. They do, however, charge a fee for the shopping cart itself. 1ShoppingCart also operates as the merchant account so they make some money on the credit card transactions too. But other than that, all the money is yours. There are advantages to both online selling formats and ...

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