Chapter 12

Utilizing the Share Economy


check Identifying opportunities to leverage the share economy

check Creating a communications strategy around sharing

check Building campaigns with a share economy focus

Millennials are patient. That statement may seem ironic to anyone who sees the on-demand nature of the web as proof that Millennials embrace immediacy. But, the truth is that while immediacy and short-term gain are favored by Millennials, the share economy highlights the patience that Millennials possess. For example, the explosive growth of services like Airbnb and Uber demonstrate that sharing has trumped the importance of ownership. Millennials would rather share a car than buy one they can’t afford.

In this chapter, I highlight the importance of the share economy and present strategies you can use to participate in the sharing of goods, services, or even content. Leveraging the share economy is a great way to drive up familiarity with your brand and build lasting relationships with these new consumers.

Positioning Your Brand Around Sharing

Leveraging the share economy isn’t going to be a strategy that suits every brand. For some, there simply isn’t going to be a way to ...

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