Chapter 14

Mastering the Market of Demand


check Structuring your organization to cater to demand

check Communicating with Millennials in real-time environments

check Creating and managing demand campaigns

The expanding capability of technology combined with the rise in popularity of mobile connectivity has fostered the emergence of the demand economy. Brands offering on-demand products and services have a serious edge over the competition. For example, in 2016, a mobile service like Uber, the on-demand car service, had a private market valuation north of $65 billion.

The shockingly rapid growth of Uber resulted from two things. First, Uber presented a solution to the common problem of, “You-can-never-get-a-cab-when-you-need-one.” Second, Millennial consumers don’t want to wait for anything. Put those together, and you have a multibillion dollar business that is changing an entire global market. This chapter focuses on the rise of that demand market.

Evolving Your Organization to Cater to Demand

Not every business caters to the demand economy. If you’d like to be more responsive to demand, you need to revise the structure of your offerings to cater to this market. Several characteristics ...

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