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Master Math: Solving Word Problems: Analyze any word problem, translate it into mathematical terms, and get the right answer!

Book Description

Get ready to master the unknown number! Master Math: Solving Word Problems is a comprehensive reference guide that explains and clarifies the difficulties people often face with word problems, in a simple, easy-to-follow style and format. Beginning with the most basic types of word problems and progressing through to the more advanced, Solving Word Problems shows you how to focus first on the words in the problem, and then on the numbers, breaking down the problem into smaller segments to help you work through. Using familiar situations from everyday life such as percents and discounts, interest, motion and speed, and probability, each type of word problem is taught using step-by-step procedures, solutions, and examples. And end-of-chapter problems will help you practice what you learned. A complete table of contents and a comprehensive index enable you to quickly find specific topics, and the approachable style and format facilitate an understanding of what can be intimidating and tricky skills. Perfect for both students who need some extra help or rusty professionals who want to brush up, Solving Word Problems will help you master everything from simple equations and percents to statistics and probability!

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. To the Reader
  3. About the Author
  4. Simple Equation Problems
    1. Length Problems
    2. Age Problems
    3. Use of the Words “More Than” and “Less Than”
    4. Inequalities Using the Words “At Least” and “At Most”
    5. Number Problems
  5. Percents
    1. Percents and Decimals
    2. Percents and Numbers
    3. The Percent Is Included
    4. Percent Increase and Decrease
    5. Discounts
    6. Discounts on Discounts
    7. Interest
      1. Simple Interest
      2. Credit Cards
      3. Compound Interest
      4. Bank Deposits
    8. Investments
      1. Stocks
      2. Bonds
    9. Profit and Loss
  6. Advanced Level Age Problems
  7. Mixing Problems
    1. Stamps and Coins
    2. Liquids with Different Strengths
    3. Diluting Solutions with Water
    4. Mixing Metals
    5. A Mixed Bag
    6. Fruit, Candy, and Money
    7. Investments at Different Interest Rates
  8. Measurement Problems
    1. Ratio and Proportion
      1. Proportion
    2. Measurements and Conversions
      1. The Customary System
      2. The Metric System
    3. Conversions Between the Customary and the Metric Systems
    4. Dimensional Analysis
    5. Temperature
  9. Rate Problems
    1. Motion (Speed) Problems
    2. Work Problems
  10. Statistics and Probability
    1. Averages
    2. Graphs
    3. Probability and Odds
      1. Probability
      2. Odds
      3. Probabilities with “And” and “Or” Statements
    4. The Counting Principle, Permutations, and Combinations
      1. The Fundamental Counting Principle
      2. Permutations
      3. Combinations
    5. Sets
  11. Geometry
    1. Plane Geometry
      1. Angles
      2. Perimeter
      3. Areas
      4. The Pythagorean Theorem
      5. Angles and Triangles
      6. Exterior Angles
      7. Congruent and Similar Triangles
      8. Polygons
      9. Similar Polygons
      10. The Circle
    2. Solid Geometry
      1. Area
      2. Volume
    3. Trigonometry
    4. Analytic Geometry
  12. Review of Equations
    1. Linear Equations with One Variable
    2. Equations with Denominators
      1. Proportions
      2. Non-Proportion Equations
    3. Simultaneous Equations
    4. Quadratic Equations
  13. Answers to Practice Problems
    1. Chapter 1
    2. Chapter 2
    3. Chapter 3
    4. Chapter 4
    5. Chapter 5
    6. Chapter 6
    7. Chapter 7
    8. Chapter 8