4 Your Brain’s Unhelpful Default Settings

A bedrock principle that led us to write this book is that your mind creates your life. Largely through the mechanisms that we discuss in this first part, your mind is the single biggest creative driver of your results. The fact that your mind creates your life is a wonderful gift – it’s perhaps the biggest gift we’re given as human beings!

The thing is, it’s a gift that comes with “some assembly required,” and some significant problems come right along with it. When we’re born, we arrive here with some wiring issues that will cause our brains to work against us. And then as we’re raised, these wiring issues get reinforced – so by the time you’re even approaching adulthood, we’ve all developed some default settings that will prevent you from getting where you want to go. If you’re not somewhere between proactive and aggressive about working to overcome these default settings, it’s virtually guaranteed that they will:

  • Stop you from accomplishing your goals.
  • Cause turbulence/slow down your progress in every key area of life.
  • Add a ton of stress to your life that you definitely don’t need.

Not Character Flaws, Just Survival Mechanisms

It’s important to note that these default settings are not character flaws. If you notice these in your own life or in people you care for/work with, don’t think that these flaws make you or them a bad person. Everyone has these tendencies, and each of them is a terrifically effective survival mechanism. ...

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