Using the Sync with Playhead feature

The first trick is to use the Sync with Playhead feature. You will use it to sync slide 3 of the Chapter04/takeTheTrain.cptx file. The steps are as follows:

  1. Return to or open the Chapter04/takeTheTrain.cptx file and use the Filmstrip to navigate to slide 3.
  2. If needed, click the Timeline bar at the bottom of the screen to open the Timeline panel.

Remember that Slide 3 contains five images of Belgium that are the same size. Normally, these five images are positioned exactly on top of each other on the right side of the slide.

The first step of the workflow is to define the beginning and the ending of the slide.

  1. In the Timeline panel, move the audio clip to the right so it begins at the 0.5 sec mark.

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