Working with Rollover Images

A Rollover Image is an image that shows only if and when the learner rolls the mouse over a corresponding Rollover Area. In this exercise, you will experiment with a Rollover Image using the following steps:

  1. Still on slide 5 of the takeTheTrain.cptx project, use the Objects | Rollover Image icon on the toolbar to insert a new Rollover Image. Alternatively, you can use the Cmd + Shift + O (Mac) or the Ctrl + Shift + O (Windows) shortcut to perform the same action.
  2. Browse the exercise folder to the Chapter05/images/ruralTrain.jpg image and click open to insert it onto the slide.

As with Rollover Captions and Rollover Smart Shapes, a Rollover Image inserts two objects on the slide: an Image and a corresponding ...

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