Viewing the Closed Captions

Now that Closed Captions have been added to slide 3 of the project, you will test it in the preview pane and control the newly inserted Closed Captions:

  1. Still in the takeTheTrain.cptx file, use the Filmstrip to return to slide 1.
  2. Use the Preview icon on the Toolbar to test the Next 5 Slides.
  3. When the preview reaches the third slide (the first one with audio and Closed Captions) notice that the Closed Captions do not appear.

By default, the Closed Captions do not appear in the resulting Captivate output. It is up to the student to turn them on or leave them off while watching the project.

To let the student turn them on, you need to add a closed captioning button on the playback controls bar that appears at the ...

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