Extra Credit – inserting the end image of the Video Demo

In this Extra Credit section, you will insert the very same image at the end of the Video Demo. Because the image has already been inserted in the project, it is available in the project Library and does not need to be imported a second time. The general steps go as follows:

  1. Move the Playhead to around the 2:03 timestamp on the timeline.
  2. Drag the mftc-titleBkg_VideoDemo.png file from the Library panel and drop it on top of the video.
  3. Place the image in the top left corner of the video (X = 0 and Y = 0).
  4. Extend the duration of the image to the end of the Video Demo.

After this extra credit section, the mftc-titleBkg_VideoDemo.png should be displayed at the beginning and at the end ...

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