Publishing the project in HTML5

The process of publishing the project in HTML5 is very similar to the process of publishing the project in Flash. Perform the following steps to publish the project in HTML5:

  1. If needed, return to the encoderDemo_800.cptx file.
  2. Click the Publish | Publish to Computer icon in the toolbar to reopen the Publish dialog.
  1. Change the Project Title to encoderDemo_800_HTML5.
  2. Ensure that the publish location is still the Chapter14/publish folder from your exercises.
  3. In the Output Format Option section, select the HTML5 button and then deselect the SWF button.
  4. Deselect the Scalable HTML content checkbox.
  5. Leave the other options at their current value and click the Publish button.

If you still have some unsupported ...

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