Modifying the properties of Fluid Boxes

You've got a good headstart with creating responsive courses in Captivate 2017 using Fluid Boxes. You have learned how to add Fluid Boxes, resize the boxes on the slide, add objects to Fluid Boxes, and fill them with background color or images.

Captivate assigns some default properties to the Fluid Boxes, which automatically flows, aligns, and wraps the objects on smaller device sizes. Now, let's learn how to modify these default settings to get your desired result.

  1. In the FluidBoxes.cptx file, go to Slide 9. Fluid Boxes and some images are already added to this slide.
  2. Select the main Fluid Box and go to the Properties inspector.
  3. Switch to the Style tab. Here you will find the Flow, Wrap, Horizontal ...

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