Working with Buttons

The Button is the first interactive object of Captivate you will study. A Button can stop the playhead and wait for the student to click it. This triggers an action. Despite its apparent simplicity, the Button is an essential part of every Captivate project as it lets the student control the overall pace of the course.

You will now return to the takeTheTrain.cptx project and add a button onto slide 3:

  1. Open the Chapter05/takeTheTrain.cptx file.
  2. Use the Filmstrip to navigate to slide 3.
  3. In the Toolbar, use the Interactions | Button icon to insert a new button in the middle of the slide. Alternatively, you can also use the Shift + Ctrl + B (Windows) or the Shift + Cmd + B (Mac) keyboard shortcut.
  4. With the new button selected, ...

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