Adding Objects to Fluid Boxes

Now let's learn how to add objects to the Fluid Boxes.

  1. In the FluidBoxes.cptx file, go to Slide 5. Fluid Boxes are already added to this slide.
  2. Select one of the Fluid Boxes and then go to the Toolbar, click Media | Image and open the Chapter10/Images/Image1.png file.

The image has now been added to the selected Fluid Box.

If you don't have a Fluid Box selected when adding objects to the slide, the object will be added to the center of the slide and not linked to any of the Fluid Boxes. You can then drag and move the object to the desired Fluid Box.

  1. To move the image to another Fluid Box, click and drag the image to another Fluid Box. When you see a blue highlight in the desired Fluid Box, drop the image. ...

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