Resizing the Responsive Project

The default maximum width and height of responsive projects in Captivate 2017 is set to 1024 x 627. You can increase or decrease this by rescaling the project. Let's take a look at the steps required:

  1. Make sure you have Desktop selected in the Preview in dropdown list. If not, open the dropdown and select Desktop. Notice that the width and height of the project is set to 1024 x 627.
  2. To increase the width and/or height of the project, use the Modify | Rescale Project menu item.
  3. In the Rescale Project dialog, deselect Maintain Aspect Ratio.
  4. Enter the new width and height in pixels or as a percentage. Let's set the new width and height to 1280 x 768, which is a 16:10 ratio.
  5. Click Finish.
  1. You will see an alert ...

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