Branching with Question Slides

The last thing to do with this Question Slide is to decide how Captivate should react when the learner submits an answer. Remember that Captivate can react differently when the correct or the incorrect answer is submitted. This concept is known as Branching. Perform the following steps to implement branching on this Question Slide:

  1. Make sure you are still on slide 23 of the Chapter07/takeTheTrain.cptx file.
  2. Scroll down the Quiz inspector until you see the Actions section.
  3. Make sure the On Success action is set to Continue.
  4. Also confirm that the Attempts option is set to 1.
  5. Open the Last Attempt dropdown and inspect the available options.
  6. Select the Jump to slide action and choose 11 Slide 11 in the Slide dropdown ...

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