Creating a style in the Object Style Manager

To create the DiDaXo-SlideTitle style, you used the Create New Style item of the Style Options icon in the Properties inspector. You will now create another style using the Object Style Manager:

  1. Return to the Chapter06/styles.cptx file.
  2. Use the Edit | Object Style Manager menu item or the Shift + F7 (Win) or the Shift + fn + F7 shortcut (Mac) to reopen the Object Style Manager.
  3. In the leftmost column, select the Standard Objects | Smart Shapes category.
  4. In the middle column, select the DiDaXo-SlideTitle style.
  5. Just below the middle column, click the Clone button.

Captivate duplicates the DiDaXo-SlideTitle style and saves the clone as DiDaXo-SlideTitle1.

  1. In the rightmost column of the Object ...

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